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Sociology A Level: Course Outline

Sociology is only offered at KS5 at Ashlyns School and is a very popular subject.  The lessons are structured in such a way as to allow the students to quickly and competently understand and work to the expectation of the course.

We follow the AQA new specification, which is the new linear two year course.  It consists of 100% examination, spread across 3 exams which are taken at the end of Year 13.

A-level Sociology offers students the opportunity to develop the essential knowledge and understanding of central aspects of sociological thought and methods. It is designed to encourage students to demonstrate the application of a range of skills and consider the integration of sociological themes:

  • socialisation, culture and identity
  • social differentiation, power and stratification

The specification lays an appropriate foundation for further study of Sociology and related subjects in higher education.

AQA Syllabus

Year 12

Autumn Term
Family and Households: Teacher 1
Education: Teacher 2

Spring Term
Trial Exams
Research Methods: Teachers 1/2

Summer Term
Revision and Trial Exams

Note: Sociological theories are embedded in each topic

Year 13

Autumn Term
Beliefs in Society: Teacher 1
Crime and Deviance: Teacher 2

Spring Term
Trial Exams
Research theory and methods

Summer Term
Revision and A Level Exams
3 x 2 hr exams