Welcome to the Sixth Form

Our Sixth Form is a rich and vibrant community of students and teachers who are committed to achieving excellence in everything they do. We recognise that the Sixth Form is a crucial development period for young people, in both an intellectual and a personal sense.

Therefore, alongside our academic curriculum, we offer an extensive programme of enrichment activities, individual support and mentoring to build our students’ confidence, independence and social, cultural experiences. This enables students to pursue their best next step, be that university, an apprenticeship course or the world of work.

Our success is built on three key principles:

1. Teaching: Providing a varied curriculum with high quality teaching that enables high quality learning.

2. Environment: Providing enrichment and extra-curricular activities  that supports the development of core personal, social and independent skills, values and cultural experiences that instil integrity, inclusivity and independence.

3. Mindset: Developing non-cognitive skills through the VESPA Mindset programme that supports academic achievement, develops independence and resilience and builds a positive ‘can do’ attitude.

In addition we provide the personalised mentoring, support and feedback needed to ensure students are informed, supported and on track across two challenging years of education, with the dedicated facilities you would expect in a school that cares for their wellbeing.