Curriculum Intent

The central aim of Ashlyns’ curriculum is to give our students the knowledge, skills and character development they need to leave us and enter the world beyond school as well rounded, confident individuals. To this end, we offer an ambitious, rich curriculum, both in and out of the classroom, which aims to equip students with a broad range of knowledge and skills. We expect that all of our students- whether they are learning the importance of respect, diversity and equality, developing their knowledge and understanding in the classroom in a wide range of subjects, thinking about their future pathways and preparing for the world of further education or work, or taking part in extracurricular activities – will approach our diverse curriculum offer in the same way: with excitement, curiosity, resilience, and determination. 

Our curriculum is designed to give all students the opportunity to develop as enquiring, engaged individuals who feel valued and respected and, in turn, value and respect those around them. It is planned with the following aims:

  • Be as rich, inspiring and broad as possible to allow students to widen their horizons in each subject
  • Be enjoyable and stimulating, fostering curiosity, independence, thinking and creativity
  • Be inclusive and accessible to all students and deliver subject matter appropriate to the ages and stages of our students
  • Provide the depth that enables students to master the key knowledge and skills essential for each subject
  • Be carefully, coherently sequenced to provide all students with a rigorous foundation for future progression
  • Engender high expectations and challenge in order to build students’ perseverance and self-belief
  • Provide students with opportunities to take their curriculum beyond the classroom to develop both their love of learning and passion for their subjects
  • Provide a range of enrichment and extra-curricular opportunities to broaden students’ learning experiences
  • Offer students a wide range of opportunities to own and personalise their curriculum in order to develop existing interests and discover new ones
  • Enable students to maximise their potential, achieving the highest levels of academic success leading to the widest range of pathways
  • Raise students’ aspirations and equip them with the knowledge and skills to flourish in their future careers
  • Provide students with access to high-quality impartial careers advice and guidance
  • Support all students to become confident, objective and critical consumers of information, and able to lead, persuade and challenge others
  • Foster the development of students’ character, resilience, personal development, health and wellbeing, preparing them to make a positive contribution to the school and wider community.

Key Stage 3

The curriculum at Key Stage 3 (Years 7 to 9) is broad and balanced and supports the needs of our students, enabling them to gain a good understanding of a range of subjects. Our transition team liaises with our feeder schools, so our staff have a detailed understanding of the abilities of our new students.

Experienced subject-specialist staff help to provide a strong, academic foundation so that students can move onto Key Stage 4 (GCSE) with confidence.

Key Stage 4

GCSEs are taught as part of a two-year programme during years 10 and 11. During Year 9, students are provided with advice and guidance to help make the best choices for their future GCSE studies. Information evenings and discussions take place during Year 9 to ensure students are supported throughout this process.

Key Stage 5

Key staff meet with students to give advice about the choices at A level. During Year 11, information and consultation meetings take place for parents/carers so they are well informed and can help support students in making the right decisions. Providing students reach the sixth form entry requirements they will study either three or four subjects.

Extended Learning Days

Extended Learning Days are organised throughout the academic year to enrich students’ experiences and form a key part of our curriculum. During these days the normal timetable for students is suspended, and the whole day is given over to learning with a single focus as a year group. Each day is designed to be enriching and engaging for students, furthering their love for learning, and focused towards specific learning outcomes.

These learning opportunities foster creativity but also widen students’ experiences.  We also aim to give the students real life experiences, often working with a range of experts and practitioners from the local community and beyond.

Examples of recent ELD activities:

Year 7:  Performing Arts & Crafts workshop and flashmob; Natural History Museum trip
Year 8: Natural History Museum trip; work shadowing
Year 9:  Work shadowing; Big Bang science fair
Year 10:  Careers Day, organised by our Careers Advisor; targeted activities with English Faculty
Year 11:  Targeted controlled assessment and revision
Year 12:  Research in London for IRP; Careers Day
Year 13:  UCAS preparation workshop; Reading Day