Psychology is offered at KS5, where we follow the AQA specification.

The A Level programme aims to provide students with a rich, inspiring and broad experience that develops their curiosity and develops their love of learning, and where they can develop an understanding of the mind, brain, behaviour and experience and how the environment in which they exist shapes and influences them. Psychology is the science of human behaviour and experience; it aims to study objectively the human mind and its behaviour through conducting research. It also has real world applications in everyday life, ranging from artificial intelligence to social change.  We explore key psychological theories, develop skills of analysis and interpretation of research, and explore the ethical issues involved in conducting Psychology experiments.

Students study social influence, attachment, and psychopathology, alongside approaches in psychology, issues and debates in psychology, and research methods, and forensic psychology over the two years of study.

Learning beyond the classroom

We regularly attend the AQA exam revision day in London, as well as attend A-Level focused Psychology conferences, and visit University College London as part of our Summer Project.