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Philosophy, Religion & Ethics

At Ashlyns, we teach Philosophy, Religion and Ethics according to statutory requirements, ensuring that we adhere to the locally agreed guidelines for all Key Stages.

We realise the value of PRE to students, as they prepare to become part of a multi-faith, multi-ethnic society. We teach them to respect, through learning and debate, the difference and similarities between different faiths, whilst ensuring that they appreciate how British values have developed through evolving moral and ethical dilemmas.

As they progress through the school, students have the opportunity to go on trips to places of worship, listen to guest speakers or to go to Philosophy and Ethics conferences, where students get the opportunity to listen to many prominent philosophers and ethicists who influence society today.

In addition to this, in school re run a popular debating club that is open to all, which allows students to debate issues of the day, not just from a philosophical perspective, but from a political perspective as well.

Key Stage 3

  Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
Autumn 1 Identity; incorporating 

“Why Study RS?”

Believing Introduction to GCSE Philosophy & Ethics


Autumn 2 Belonging Discovery GCSE Paper 1: Area of Study 1 – ‘Christian Beliefs’ (I)


Spring 1 Origins Celebration GCSE Paper 1: Area of Study 1 – ‘Christian Beliefs’ (II)


Spring 2 Commitment  Community Area of Study 2: ‘Marriage & the Family’.


Summer 1 Reflection Spirituality Area of Study 3: ‘Living the Christian Life’.
Summer 2 We expect the preceding five themes to require all six half-terms of the academic year. This will include moments such as “just-in-time” learning, LOtC, off timetable events and ELDs.


Area of Study 4: ‘Matters of Life & Death’.

Key Stage 4

Exam Board:  Edexcel B

  Year 10 Year 11
Autumn 1 Matters of life and death Living the Muslim life
Autumn 2 Religion, Peace and Conflict; Muslim beliefs Peace and Conflict
Spring 1 Crime and punishment Exam preparation and revision
Spring 2 Crime and punishment
Summer 1 Living the Muslim life
Summer 2 Living the Muslim life  

Key Stage 5

  Year 12 Year 13
  Development of Christian Thought / Philosophy of Religion Religion and Ethics Development of Christian Thought Religion and Ethics
  All topics incorporate examination workshops and review using the DISC-PEREL-RJ format under supervision of KS5 teachers
Autumn 1 01 Ancient philosophical influences

02 Soul, mind & body


01 Natural Law


03 Knowledge of God’s existence

04 The person of Jesus Christ


08 Meta-ethical theories


Autumn 2 03 Arguments for God based upon observation

04 Arguments for God based upon reason


02 Situation Ethics


05 Christian moral principles

06 Christian moral action


09 Theories of conscience


Spring 1 05 Religious Experience

06 The Problem of evil


03 Kantian Ethics


07 Religious pluralism and theology 

08 Religious pluralism and society

09 Gender and society


10 Sexual Ethics


Spring 2 07 The nature and attributes of God

08 Religious language: Negative, Analogical or Symbolic


04 Utilitarianism


10 Gender and Theology

11 The challenge of secularism

12 Liberation Theology and Marx


11 Review and Recap


Summer 1 09 Religious language: Twentieth century perspectives and philosophical comparisons

 01 Augustine’s teaching on human nature


05 Euthanasia

Timed essays  in class 

REVISION and PREPARATION FOR A LEVEL EXTERNAL EXAMINATION including internal mock timed assessment questions and technique review

02 Death and the afterlife


07 Business Ethics