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Citizenship education is taught within PSHE lessons and develops knowledge, skills and understanding that students need to play a full part in society as active and responsible citizens. Pupils learn about politics, parliament and voting, as well as human rights, justice, the law and the economy. They also learn the skills of active citizenship. Teaching is brought to life using real issues and events in local to global contexts.

Citizenship is also available as a GCSE option: Exam Board Edexcel

The course content is divided into five themes.

Year 10 

Theme A:     Living together in the UK (Autumn & Spring 1)
Theme B:     Democracy at work in the UK  (Spring 2 & Summer 1)
Theme C:     Law and justice (Summer 2)

Year 11

Theme C:     Law and justice  (Autumn 1)
Theme D:     Power and influence  (Autumn 2 & Spring)
Theme E:     Taking Citizenship Action(Autumn 2 & Spring 1)

Theme Key Questions Explored
Theme A:
Living together in the UK
  • How have communities developed in the UK?
  • What is identity?
  • What are democratic values and where do they come from?
  • How does local democracy work?
Theme B:
Democracy at work in the UK
  • Who runs the country?
  • How does Parliament work?
  • How is power shared between Westminster and the devolved administrations?
  • How does government manage public money?
Theme C:
Law and justice
  • What is the law for and how does it affect us?
  • How does the justice system work?
  • Is crime increasing in society?
Theme D:
Power and influence
  • What power and influence can citizens have?
  • What role and influence should the media have?
  • Does the UK have power and influence in the wider world?
Theme E:
Taking citizenship action
Students must carry out an in-depth, critical investigation leading to citizenship action. The investigation and action can be based on any aspect or issue arising from the course content and should be designed to have an impact locally, nationally or globally. There are many types of investigation and action that students can take that use different methods and citizenship skills.

Two exams

Each exam is 1hr 45min long and contributes 50% towards the final GCSE grade

Paper 1:

Living together in the UK
Democracy at work in the UK
Law and justice 

Paper 2:

Power and influence
Taking citizenship action