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Our aim is for students to be successful, independent learners, who relish challenge and grow in confidence through their achievements. We set aspirational targets, which are appropriately challenging for each individual, and provide support to help them achieve these.

Lessons and Homework

There are 25 lessons in a week. Each lesson is 60 minutes and timetabled over a two-week cycle. The amount of homework set varies and is appropriate for different key stages. Parents/carers have access to an online tool to help monitor the homework set for their child. For more information, see the Home Learning page.

Tutor Groups

Each year group is divided into tutor groups; each tutor group is allocated to a House and is supported by a Form Tutor. The Form Tutor meets with their group for registration each day. Form Tutors work closely with the Heads of Year to support pastoral care and monitor academic progress.

Extra-Curricular & Enrichment

We believe that enriching students’ education by offering a varied and wide extra curricular programme benefits their development. There are numerous clubs running most days and after school in addition to trips, which are run throughout the year. These range from visits to art museums, science competitions and talks from guest speakers. The curriculum at Ashlyns includes Extended Learning Days, which allow students to experience activities not covered in the normal curriculum in much greater depth. There are also enrichment days at the end of the Summer Term, which are centred around team building exercises and the experiential aspects of school life.