Joining Year 7

A very warm welcome to Ashlyns School.

Transition from primary to secondary school is often described as ‘daunting.’ At Ashlyns, we have a carefully planned transition process which supports parents and students and helps students to settle in quickly.

Once a place at Ashlyns has been awarded, our transition team works closely with students’ current primary schools, to aid a smooth transition and enable us to gain a good understanding of their individual needs. This helps us place students in the right groups and enables us to prepare any additional support they may need.

In July, a transition day is organised to help familiarise students with their new secondary school, form groups and key teachers. We also hold an induction evening, where parents/carers and students are able to meet form tutors and fellow students. This evening event offers parents/carers a chance to familiarise themselves with our expectations and protocols; there is ample time to ask questions so everyone feels confident for the start of term.

Year 7 students also have a dedicated induction day at the start of the Autumn term. This gives the newest members of our community time to orientate themselves prior to the arrival of students from other year groups.