Chromebook Purchase

Year 7 Chromebook Purchase Information

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The benefits of a one-to-one device for your child include:

  • access to a greater variety of resources in the classroom
  • access to resources to support home-learning
  • creating documents, sheets and slides
  • safe and organised storage
  • opportunities for engaging activities which include collaboration with other students and quizzes
  • home-learning is recorded and accessed in one place, helping students to stay organised
  • facility to track rewards and consequence points
  • access to websites which will support research
  • a platform from which to access personalised learning programmes such as books, apps and online resources

Buying the Device

By partnering with Freedom Tech we are able to offer you the opportunity to purchase a Chromebook through fixed monthly payments. Chromebook models are selected by our in-house experts. We are able to negotiate a good price on behalf of parents for our Year 7 students.  Your monthly payment is determined by your choice of device and the length of the payment period, which can be up to three years.

The benefits include:

  • spread payment with no personal credit check
  • save up to 20% on high street like-for-like comparison
  • fully warranted for internal failure
  • fully insured for accidental damage and theft
  • the device becomes yours at the end of the payment period

Buying the device outright: this involves making a one-off payment which includes the cost of the device, warranty, case, Chrome licence and set up and insurance.

Leasing the device over a period of 12, 24 or 36 months: this option includes the device, warranty, case, Chrome licence, set up and insurance.  On payment of the last instalment the device becomes yours.  There are no credit checks.

Full details of both options can be found on the ordering Portal. 

If you already own a Google Chromebook your child may bring it in to school, but will do so at their own risk.  We would recommend you arrange your own insurance. Your device will also need to be configured for the school’s network; this will incur a one-off fee.

Ordering the Device

The WebStore can be accessed through this link:


The log on details are as follows:

Username:  AshlynsYr7_Yr9
Password:   S3cure02!

In order to ensure that your child receives the device in September, orders must be placed by 10 July 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can students use the device at home?
Yes, they can use the device to further enhance their learning.  We recommend that you set the security setting on your Wi-Fi accordingly.

Can we have different models to choose from?
In order to achieve discounted prices we cannot offer more than three models.  These models represent the range of Chromebooks available across all suppliers.

Can I bring my own device that I have already purchased?
If you own a Google Chromebook then yes, but you will do so at your own risk and we would recommend you arrange your own insurance.  Your device will also need to be configured for the school’s network; there will be a small fee for this.

My child already has a different device, such as a Windows laptop or Macbook.  Can they use that instead?
No, these are not compatible with our scheme and cannot be managed by the school.

What happens if I cannot afford to join the scheme?
The school will have a limited number of devices which can be borrowed to use in lesson time.  These devices will be kept in the school and given out when required. Students will not be able to take the borrowed device home.  Students who qualify for the Pupil Premium Grant will be loaned a device which they can take home.

What happens if I miss a payment or can no longer afford the device?
You will have to return the device; you will not own the device until the final payment is made.

How do I make an insurance or warranty claim?
Freedom Tech will manage all claims and are the first point of contact, rather than the school.  Full details will be provided to parents/carers who lease a device or purchase the insurance.

When will my child receive the Chromebook?
Once full payment has been received, or a payment plan has been arranged, devices will be ordered and delivered to Ashlyns for configuration; they will then be issued to students.