Chromebook Purchase

Ashlyns is working to prepare students for a modern workplace and is embracing the ideology that technology is a key tool to enhance learning.

Google has spent the last few years designing a unique type of device that provides a smooth transition from the home to the classroom. Chromebooks allow students to have a standardised learning experience and make use of applications chosen by their teachers.

Chrome OS is a Cloud-based system which makes use of tailored tools, such as Google Classroom, to ensure students get the best experience possible.

The benefits of a one-to-one device (Chromebook) for your child include:

  • access to a greater variety of resources in the classroom
  • access to resources to support home-learning
  • creating documents, sheets and slides
  • safe and organised storage
  • opportunities for engaging activities which include collaboration with other students and quizzes
  • home-learning is recorded and accessed in one place, helping students to stay organised
  • facility to track rewards and consequence points
  • access to websites which will support research
  • a platform from which to access personalised learning programmes such as books, apps and online resources

If you are considering buying a Chromebook for your child, please refer to this leaflet