World Challenge

“World Challenge builds the life skills young people need to live a life of courage, kindness and adventure”

 At Ashlyns we offer a summer expedition every 2 years for students of Year 11 and Year 12 – a once in a lifetime opportunity to develop leadership, teamwork, resilience and empathy, whilst getting to explore the world and fully immerse themselves in new cultures and experiences. We have a strong relationship with the World Challenge organisation – they lead the way in quality, safety, ethical community engagement and learning outcomes.

Global citizenship is one of the key aims of the World Challenge programme.  Students will experience cultures and environments literally a world away from their home country.  Recent destinations for our school expeditions have been Nepal, Cambodia and Laos and Nicaragua – students are currently busy preparing for a summer 2021 expedition to Ecuador. 

Although guided by an adult leadership team, expeditions have a student lead focus; students will start planning and preparing 18 months before the expedition.  They will experience a world of challenges – from venturing out into barren landscapes, tackling tropical treks, handling budgets, booking accommodation and contributing to local community projects.