Students are ambassadors of the school and a high standard of dress and appearance is expected at all times. The Governors of Ashlyns School together with the Headteacher are responsible for setting school uniform regulations. If parents or students are uncertain about any aspect of uniform or appearance they are advised to contact the school.

Our smart and practical uniform can be ordered from our trusted supplier, PL Schoolwear.  Items supplied by PL Schoolwear are competitively priced and made from sustainable fabrics.  Parents/carers can place orders online and items can either be delivered to a home address, or collected from the PL Schoolwear shop in Hemel Hempstead.  It is also possible to make an appointment at the store for uniform fittings and purchase

The Ashlyns School Association hold stock of ‘New to You’ uniform items for all year groups; please contact the school office for more information.

Students are required to wear full school uniform and correct footwear to and from school, and during normal school hours. They are also required to wear uniform when representing the school or attending formal functions arranged by the school.

Please note that Trainers or any kind of canvas shoes are not permitted as uniform shoes; this includes black trainers and Converse-style shoes, in either leather or fabric.  School shoes must be plain black and able to be polished, with no motifs, coloured stitching or reflective areas.  Heels should be no more than 4cm.  Boots are not permitted as uniform shoes for boys or girls.

Please see the image below for examples of acceptable school shoes, and those which are not considered suitable for school:

Personal appearance

Jewellery  The school discourages the wearing of jewellery on the grounds of health and safety. If, however, any parent still feels that some jewellery should be worn, only the following are permitted:

  • For students with pierced ears, one pair of simple studs, one in each ear lobe. Studs or rings must not be worn on any other part of the body. Any piercings, other than a single, plain metallic stud in the lower ear lobe, must be removed whilst at school.
  • A watch. (Smart watches are not permitted).

All jewellery must be removed for activities such as games lessons and practical lessons. Their safekeeping remains the students’ responsibility.

Make-up   The wearing of make-up is not appropriate for school.  Nail varnish, gel nails and false eyelashes are not permitted.

Hair   Extreme hair lengths (either very long or very short, including ‘tram lines’ and shaving to grade 1) and synthetic colours are not allowed. Ideally, long hair should be tied back.

Sixth Form dress code

Sixth-form students at Ashlyns have some discretion to make certain choices about their working clothes, but are expected to set an example of smart appearance to other year groups and the local community. Our dress code is smart office wear that complies with these requirements.

Girls  Jacket with matching tailored skirt, full length trousers or plain formal business dress; or smart formal jacket and trousers/skirt rather than a suit. All dresses must be worn with a jacket.
Shirt/blouse or smart top without logos.

Smart shoes with a sensible heel.

Boys  Tailored jacket with matching trousers; or smart, formal jacket and trousers rather than a suit.

Shirt with tie.

Smart shoes.

These items are not acceptable under the Sixth-form dress code:
excessively short skirts
jeans, leggings, shorts, culottes or capri pants
trainers, sandals, flip flops, casual shoes, boots, or excessively high heeled shoes
T-shirts, vest tops and tops that reveal midriffs or which are low cut
bright prints or colours.

Hooded tops are not to be worn at any time.

Only ear piercing is permitted in school and there should only be one earring in each lower earlobe; no other facial piercings are allowed.

Hair should be neat, a natural colour, not closely shaved or outrageous in style.

A jacket must be worn when walking around school, as well as for assemblies and other formal occasions.

Reminder Any student who breaches the school dress code can expect to be sent home to change.