Year 11 Raising Achievement

Year 11 is a crucial time for students as they approach their GCSE examinations, and the school provides support in a number of different ways to help them secure the best grades possible.

Key Dates

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Session 6

Session 6 is a supervised study session that runs in the Learning Resource Centre from 3.20 to 4.20 Monday- Thursday. There are teachers available for various different subjects and for general revision support such as help constructing a revision timetable and revision tips and strategies. Previous Year 11s have found this helpful as a way to finish their school day before going home to study further: it is silent and structured which enables students to focus and concentrate, with help should they need it.   Subject specific revision sessions are run throughout the year following October half term and the timetable is sent home to parents. Session 6 begins on Monday 14th September and will run through to May 2021. All Year 11 students are welcome to attend.