Sixth Form Life

What our Students Say

“The staff in the sixth form office are the heart and soul of our community. They are always happy to help and go above and beyond to support us.”

The enthusiasm from all members of the sixth form community means not only are we pushed academically we also have a lot of fun. From student-planned socials to extra curricular activities – the work life balance is excellently managed.”

“The new Sixth Form Centre is an incredible work space that allows for both independent and group study ensuring we have everything we need to achieve our goals. Plus, the Sixth Form Cafe is a great place to socialise and grab a bite to eat with friends.”

“Using the gym after school helped me to balance working hard with working out – and keep healthy!”

“I am always amazed by the amount of time that the Sixth Form team gives to students, to ensure their wellbeing and success. Whilst our successful exam results are important, it is the atmosphere of Ashlyns’ Sixth Form which makes it such a rewarding community; in a place where each student is respected and encouraged to follow their ambitions.” Ellie Dibben, Former Head Girl

What Our Students Say: Enrichment

“We’ve had talks from inspiring visiting speakers in enrichment, including David Gauke MP and Nelson Mandela’s Goddaughter Tanya von Ahlefeldt.”

“Weekly enrichment sessions give us a well earned break from A Level study – with fun and informative activities like first aid training and junk modeling.”

“ Enrichment taught us valuable life lessons to make us better, more compassionate human beings, preparing us for the real world.”

What Our Students Say: Academic Life

“The close relationship you develop with teachers allows you not just to study a subject but to truly understand it through informed discussion and debate.”

“I loved being able to study subjects that I was truly passionate about and valued the support and encouragement of all my teachers who ensured I developed both academically and personally.”

“Despite the initial step up from GCSE to A Levels being inevitably challenging, Ashlyns Sixth Form has provided myself and my peers with the ideal hybrid of support and freedom to reach our potential both academically and individually.”

“Staff made applying for University easy. They helped me navigate a complicated process so that I finished on time with an outstanding application.”

Wider Opportunities

There are many opportunities for students to enjoy activities beyond academic study and we expect them to take advantage of these. There is also the expectation that they become involved in our extensive community service programme, which allows them to make a valued contribution to the school or local community.

We are committed to developing students’ broader education and invite a range of visiting speakers throughout the year to talk to students about wider social, political and cultural issues. Our enrichment programme is considerable and includes such diverse activities as:

  • Extended Project Qualification
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • World Challenge
  • Debating Society
  • Sports Leader Award
  • Independent Research Project
  • Ice breaker activities include: group construction tasks, research and presentation activities and quizzes
  • Study skills, time management, exam preparation, exam technique

Sixth-form students have an important role to play in student voice and leadership, and can apply to become a house captain or school prefect; they are also able to make contributions through the Sixth-Form executive or to nominate themselves for the position of Head Boy or Head Girl. For more information, visit Student Voice & Leadership.