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Student Leadership

We are proud of our student leaders and greatly value their contribution to school life. The student leadership programme comprises several strands:

The Student Leadership Team

Led by the Head Boy and Head Girl, this comprises three representatives from each year group, as well as the four House Captains and their respective deputies. The team is split into three subgroups, each chaired by a member of the Sixth Form Senior Executive: Teaching and Learning, Environment, and Pastoral. Each group meets once every half term to discuss issues raised via student voice and to give feedback on their specific areas. Working closely with the Senior Leadership Team, they are involved in giving feedback across all areas of the school and in reviewing teaching and learning in particular.

Year Councils

Each form elects two representatives to the Year Council, which meet once every term to discuss particular issues pertaining to their own year group. The Year Council feeds back to the Student Leadership Team.

Learning Ambassadors

The Learning Ambassadors are from a range of year groups, from Year 7 up to Year 10. Their role is three-fold: they visit our local primary schools to offer lessons in a variety of different subjects, they make up student panels for recruitment interviews, and they are involved in strategic school improvement planning.


Students are able to apply to become prefects in Years 10, 11, and the Sixth Form. Prefects play an active role in the running of day to day school events and are regularly involved in the following areas:

  • lower school academic mentoring
  • canteen duty
  • subject leaders
  • technical crew support
  • administrative support

Sixth Form Executive

The Sixth Form also has an active executive which plays a key role in organising and driving Sixth Form events and issues. Recent activities have included the complete re-decoration of the Sixth Form area as well as organising the Christmas Ball. Led by the Head Boy and Head Girl, issues raised in the Sixth Form are discussed by the executive and taken forward to the whole-school student leadership team.

Student Voice

Students also undertake an active role in reviewing whole-school practice and procedure. We regularly consult students on a range of issues including questionnaires relating to transition, the rewards and sanctions procedures and behaviour policy, and use our students’ opinions to help review and change policy and procedures where appropriate.