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Dress Code

Sixth Form students have some discretion to make certain choices about their working clothes, but are expected to set an example of smart appearance to other year groups and the local community.  The Sixth Form dress code is smart office wear and the requirements are as follows:


Suit: Tailored jacket worn with either a tailored skirt, tailored dress or full length tailored trousers.

  • Shirt/blouse
  • Jumpers must have either a round neck or ‘v’ neck; cardigans may also be worn
  • Roll neck jumpers must not be worn as a blouse or shirt must be visible at all times
  • Smart shoes with a sensible heel, boots may be worn in the winter months only

Dresses/skirts must be worn no more than 8cm above the knee.  No stretch or lycra skirts/dresses, no jeans, leggings or shorts/culottes.


Suit: Tailored jacket with tailored trousers

  • Shirt with tie
  • Smart shoes
  • Jumpers and cardigans must have either a round neck or a ‘v’ neck; roll neck jumpers and sweatshirts must not be worn

No chinos, shorts or jeans.

All Sixth Formers

  • Hooded tops are not to be worn at any time.
  • Only ear piercing is permitted; no other facial piercings are allowed.
  • Hair should be neat, a natural colour, not closely shaved or outrageous in style.
  • A tailored jacket must be worn at all times.
  • Leather/denim jackets must not be worn.
  • Lanyards must be worn at all times.

Any student who breaches the school dress code can expect to be sent home to change.

Please click here to view the Sixth Form Dress Code.