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Using Wisepay

For ease of operation and to reduce the need for students to carry cash unnecessarily, we operate an online payment system (Wisepay) and biometric tills at Ashlyns School. These allow students and staff to ‘pay by fingerprint’ at the till, and the purchase amount is then deducted from their online account. The details of all deductions made from the account can be viewed online by the account holders.

Currently Wisepay is used for the purchase of snacks and meals in Le Bistro, our school canteen but it is gradually being extended to enable payments for many other school transactions such as uniform, school trips, and supermarket vouchers.

How it works

Before using Wisepay for the first time, a student’s index finger on their right hand is scanned. The partial image is converted into a number used for identification and stored in an encrypted form only on a computer networked to the till screens and image recognition units. The system does not send any information back to the school database, as school systems are protected for safeguarding purposes, and the partial image cannot be used for any other purpose.

Can the biometric data be used for any other purpose?

The biometric systems in use in education do not precisely identify individuals in the general population in the way that police fingerprinting may do. The system merely distinguishes between different students well enough to charge the correct ones for their lunch.

What happens if my child’s finger image does not register?

We will try the finger on the other hand to see if that works. Very occasionally with a skin complaint it can make it difficult to register. Other schools have advised that this usually only applies to a few students and we will make alternative arrangements to them.

How do I top-up if I am unable to access my account online?

We will accept cash or cheque top-ups in Le Bistro at the start of the day before 8.30am and at the end of breaktime.

If you have any additional questions about Wisepay, please contact Tina Wilson