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A Level Government & Politics

Politics textbooks are out of date on the day they are published! This is because this subject changes daily. In just the last two years – the length of the A level course – there has been a UK general election, the UK have voted to leave the EU, Donald Trump turned ‘informed opinion’ on its’ head and became ’Mr President’, Emmanuel Macron founded a new political party in France, and in the space of a little more than a year, became president of the Republic.

The world of British politics really opens up to teenagers after their eighteenth birthdays, with the vote giving them the ability to change our nation and allow the principles they hold dear to thrive. With this in mind, it could easily be said that Government and Politics is the most applicable subject on offer at any school, and is a subject that people should be encouraged to take due to the way it prepares you for entering the adult world.

All students in year 12 will take part during the first term in a visit to the Houses of Parliament. This includes a tour of the Palace of Westminster and a workshop activity in the Parliament Education centre. This fascinating trip gives a valuable insight in to the world of Westminster. If Parliament is in session students will have the opportunity to watch both debating chambers at work & will see many well-known political figures as they go about their work. If parliament isn’t in session students will be able to walk through both chambers and to consider the momentous events that have taken place where they stand. Full of interesting facts and anecdotes from the excellent guides, this trip is always enjoyed by the students. The ensuing workshop activity gets them involved in real debates; how they take place, and the importance of debate, scrutiny & law-making in the lives of all citizens.

Prominent speakers who have visited the school in recent years include John Bercow, Michael Portillo, Douglas Carswell, Matthew Barzun (former US Ambassador to the UK), Peter Kellner (YouGov chairman & BBC election pundit), Baroness Tyler of Enfield.

Exam Board: Edexcel

  Year 12
UK Politics and UK Government
(Paper 1 & 2)
Year 13
Comparative Studies: USA Politics
(Paper 3)
Autumn 1 – Core Political Ideas: Liberalism
– Democracy & Participation
– Non-Core Political Ideas
– US Constitution
Autumn 2 – Core Political Ideas:
– Presidency
– US Democracy and Participation
Spring 1 – Political Parties – UK Elections and Voting – US Democracy and Participation
– Supreme Court and Civil Rights
Spring 2 – Voting Behaviour and Media
– The Constitution
– US Congress
– Federalism
– Comparative Theories
Summer 1 – PM and Cabinet
– Parliament
Summer 2 – Parliament
– Relations between Institutions