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We have a broad and balanced curriculum in which students have the opportunity to experience many styles of Drama and Theatre, including: Mime, Script Work, Naturalism, Historical Theatre, Comedy and Physical Theatre. Students develop a wide knowledge of current issues in society as well as learning about the professional theatre and how to create meaning on stage. As well as developing specific Drama skills, students will also develop their self-confidence, team work and problem solving skills. Outside of the classroom we offer a range of extra-curricular clubs for all year groups as well as theatre trips and workshops.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum Overview

AUTUMN 1 Intro to Drama Melodrama Commedia dell’ Arte
AUTUMN 2 The Jabberwocky Blood Brothers From Page to Stage
SPRING 1 Greek Theatre Broadlands Mystery Epic Theatre
SPRING 2 Oliver Twist Hamlet Physical Theatre
SUMMER 1 Evacuees The Holocaust Devising
SUMMER 2 Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Cyberbullying Devising Project Independent Project

GCSE Drama Overview

Edexcel GCSE
Year 11 (9-1)
Year 10 (9-1)

  YEAR 10 YEAR 11
AUTUMN 1 Week 1 – Drama warm ups / exercises / Team building
C3: Introduction to The Crucible
C3: The Crucible
C3: Live Theatre Review (Theatre Trip to woman in black)
AUTUMN 2 C3: Developing knowledge and understanding of The Crucible C2: Performance rehearsal
SPRING 1 Practitioner Workshops Introduction to C1: Devising
Brecht Frantic Assembly
C2: Performance
SPRING 2 Practitioner Workshops Introduction to C1: Devising
Artaud Katie Mitchell
C3: Exam preparation
SUMMER 1 C1: Devising Assessment – Creation and Rehearsal C3: Exam preparation
SUMMER 2 C1: Devising Assessment – Performance and written portfolio.
C3: Live Theatre Review
C3: Exam preparation

A Level Overview

Edexcel A Level
Year 13 (New Linear)
Year 12 (New Linear)

  YEAR 12 YEAR 13
AUTUMN 1 C3: Machinal
C3: Lysistrata
C3: Lysistrata
C3: Machinal
AUTUMN 2 C3: Machinal
C3: Lysistrata
C2: Performance preparation
SPRING 1 C1: Practitioner workshops
Live Theatre Review (Theatre Trip)
C2: Performance exam
C3: Live Theatre Review
SPRING 2 C1: Practitioner workshops: Frantic Assembly
C3: Machinal
C3: Lysistrata
C3: Live Theatre Review
SUMMER 1 C1: Devising: Creation and Rehearsal C3: Machinal
C3: Lysistrata
C3: Live Theatre Review
SUMMER 2 C1: Devising performance and written portfolio.
Live Theatre Review (Theatre Trip)
C3: Machinal
C3: Lysistrata
C3: Live Theatre Review