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Creative Writing

This course builds on the work that students have completed for GCSE English. We read and analyse a great range of texts, and use what we have learned from them to craft our own creative writing. We study a range of text types, including prose fiction, prose non-fiction, poetry, drama, script, and various types of journalism text. A level classes are about discussing and sharing ideas before crafting your own work.

Exam board: AQA

AS – Year 12

  • Unit 1: Writing on Demand – 40% of AS – 2 hour exam. Students will write in response to a brief. They will be prepared for the unit by reading and writing a variety of texts from the professional world.
  • These may include: journalism (articles, columns) writing online (blog entries, web page content) persuasive writing (writing a pitch, editorial) and creative non-fiction (travel writing, autobiography).
  • Unit 2: Exploring Creative Writing – coursework – 60% of AS.
  • Students will produce a coursework folder of three pieces of work, which consists of two creative pieces, and a commentary on those pieces. Students may write: prose non-fiction, prose fiction, poetry, or script.

A2 – Year 13

  • Unit 3 – From Reading to Writing – assessed by exam and worth 20% of entire A level.
  • Students will study a wide variety of texts in order to inform their own writing.
  • Students will produce a single piece of extended creative writing, based on a choice of unseen texts from the four key forms: prose fiction, prose non-fiction, poetry and script.
  • Unit 4: The Writing Portfolio – worth 30% of entire A level – internally assessed as coursework.
  • Students will produce a portfolio which will consist of two elements: original creative work and a reflective commentary.
  • The creative piece must be in one of the four key forms: prose fiction, prose non-fiction, poetry, script.