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Hire School Facilities

Ashlyns School will always consider reasonable requests for hiring the school’s facilities for local community and educational groups, but priority will be given to the following uses:

  • After-school clubs during term-time for Ashlyns students only and any other school activity, such as Open Evenings
  • ASA events
  • Officially sponsored sporting clubs for young children from the local community at weekends and in the holidays.

All lettings to outside clubs etc will be judged against potential clashes with existing users.

Applications are to be made in writing to the Funding Manager. Once approval has been given, the Lettings Officer will then be responsible for the administration, keeping the Caretaker informed. The Head with the Chair of Governors and the Funding Manager will discuss any possible contentious hirings.

Paid Hiring

All paid hirings will require a lettings confirmation form to be used as the contract. Each hirer should also be given a copy of the policy to ensure that all the other issues listed below, plus other terms and conditions, are discussed and agreed:

  • Clear definition of days, times, how long contract for and charges (reviewed annually) and when to be paid
  • Insurance cover provided by hirer
  • All Health and Safety regulations complied with
  • Agreement over maximum number of children per instructor outside or in hall or classroom
  • Conditions over use of school buildings/grounds, if applicable – which rooms/toilets, what happens in wet weather, how Caretaker wishes it to be left/cleaning instructions
  • The school will charge for any damage/loss
  • Safety/risk assessment issues – hirer to provide own first aid kit and bring own mobile phone, so that Office can remain locked
  • Use of kitchen facilities requires prior agreement with the Head of Kitchen and compliance with Food Safety regulations
  • Consideration to be given to local residents re noise/car speeds and parking
  • Procedures for advertising the club within school and collecting/handing over monies to hirer (if applicable)
  • Breaches of these conditions may result in immediate termination of this contract by the Head, in consultation with the Chair of Governors, on behalf of the Governing Body.
  • VAT will be charged on bookings from profit-making organisations and where applicable on some other bookings.
  • All hirers must be aware that the entire premises of Ashlyns School is a no smoking area.

The hirer must agree to this contract by signing and provide an original or certified copy of their public liability insurance.  Bookings will not be permitted to take place until that has been done.  The Head or suitable authorised officer of the School to sign on behalf of the School.

Hirers requiring regular bookings who are new to the school will have a trial period of 2 uses before the contract is officially confirmed.  For new hirers, there will also be a refundable deposit to be paid against possible damage/breakage during the hiring period, such deposit to be agreed between the parties prior to booking.

Regular hirers will be given one month’s written notice of any increase in charges.


Payment in full will be paid 2 months before the event or seven days prior to the event if booking is less than 6 weeks ahead.

Scale of Charges

Letting charges

Location Cost per hour
Main Hall £100
Dining Halls £30 each
£50 the pair
Kitchen £40
Board Room £30
Gymnasium £30
Playing Fields £30 per pitch
Tennis Courts £3 each
Library £30
Classrooms £20
ICT Suite £30
Chapel £100 + heating

The governing body may consider concessionary rates for charity groups.
The above charges all relate to events of under 100 people. For all larger events, please contact the lettings manager for more details.
The above charges are all per hour and will be reviewed annually with the policy review.