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Current House Points – October 2019





House System

The house system at Ashlyns School allows our students to become more active in school life and to develop further as learners and young people. The central themes of the house system are student voice and student leadership. The house system does not replace the pastoral care structures within the school:  Heads of Year remain responsible for their whole-year group and weekly chapel and hall assemblies are held for each year group.

Inter-house competitions and activities provide greater opportunities for students to:

  • get involved in all aspects of our school
  • help out in the school and wider communities
  • take on leadership roles in school

All of our students and staff (except for the pastoral team and SLT) belong to one of the four houses, and wear a coloured badge to declare their membership!  Each of the houses are named after significant people in the school’s history.

Student leadership

Two form groups from Years 7 to 11 are allocated to a house and their tutors are allocated to the same house. Sixth Form students are allocated on an individual rather than a form basis so that an even number of students are attached to each house.

Each house is vertical in structure and led by a House Captain and Deputy House Captain, members of the Sixth Form who are democratically appointed by their own house. The house captains are responsible for running the House Council, half-termly house assemblies, charity and competition events, and house news updates. The house democratically elects House councils. Each form group elects a student who sits on the House Council, and is allocated a specific role depending on their area of interest and expertise, such as:

  • Sports captains  Responsible for Sports Day and organising inter-house activities
  • Rewards captains  Responsible for recording and collecting individual merits and house point totals
  • Mentoring captains  Responsible for supporting the mentoring programme and pastoral care
  • Community captain  Responsible for organising fundraising and charity events
  • House secretary  Responsible for minute-taking at council meetings, the upkeep of the house noticeboard and other news updates.

Earning rewards

In order to raise competition and motivate students to achieve, the house structure is at the centre of our rewards system. The four houses compete annually for the Merit Cup and the winning house has the opportunity to go on the annual achievement trip held in July.

House points are issued to students for merits they have earned for their efforts and achievements in class (one house point equals one merit), and for a variety of inter-house competitions including Sports Day, faculty challenges and LRC lunchtime events; house points are also awarded for each house’s charity fundraising and community work.