Science: Year 11 Triple

New GCSE Science Specification: AQA

Year 11 students study the new syllabus from AQA, and will receive three GCSEs (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) by the end of Year 11.

The courses we follow are listed on the AQA website as:
Biology 4401
Chemistry 4402
Physics 4403 — taken in Year 10

Further information can be viewed at AQA Science

Outline of course

During Year 11, you study Unit 1 (Remainder), Unit 2 and Unit 3 content from Biology and Chemistry. You will sit exams in these at the end of Year 11.

Controlled assessment (Investigative Skills Assignments: ISAs)

The majority of the coursework in Science is practically based and carried out under controlled conditions in the classroom. One part of the coursework involves researching experimental methods outside of the classroom. Students will complete a number of ISAs and their best marks will be put forward. Each ISA contributes 25 per cent of one GCSE.

ISA stages
Step 1: Planning and Research (homework)
Step 2: Exam paper on planning and research (45 mins)
Step 3: Practical work
Step 4: Drawing a table and graph
Step 5: Exam paper on analysing results (50 mins)


AQA has introduced a stronger emphasis on literacy in Science and marks will be deducted in exams for spelling and grammar mistakes. Students will therefore be working on extended writing tasks during their Science lessons.

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Science lessonScience lesson

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PDF fileKey Words for ISAs

PDF filePhysics 1 Ticklist

PDF fileChemistry 1 Ticklist

PDF fileBiology 1a Ticklist

PDF fileBiology 1b Ticklist

Try this quiz on key terms you will need.

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PDF fileAQA Biology Syllabus

PDF fileAQA Chemistry Syllabus

PDF fileAQA Physics Syllabus


Role Name
Head of Science Mrs C Lowe
Deputy Miss S Sibeon
Teachers Miss R Carnell
Mrs T Dight
Mrs L Hutt
Mrs M Inglis
Mrs A Johnson
Mrs S Kennedy
Mrs J Lister
Ms A Millette
Miss A Shilliday
Mr T Trigg
Technician Miss D Gohin (Senior)
Mr S Dolan
Mrs J Bilcock


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